What’s new at McGrath Automotive?

What’s new at McGrath Automotive?


Time for some updates on the workshop and there are some big things going on so please read on.

Clockwork Mechanical?

Firstly we would like to welcome Brad Hallett to the building.   Brad is leasing about 90 square meters of our floor space and has just launched “Clockwork Mechanical”  Clockwork specialises in small engines and motor bikes.   From your lawn mower to your sports bike, Brad Hallett has you covered with Clockwork Mechanical.

While Brad works to build Clockwork, he is also contracted to Mcgrath Auto and is helping us in our workshop during this busy time.


Townsville Trailers

McGrath and Sons pty ltd, the company behind McGrath Automotive is branching out and has recently launched “Townsville Trailers” operating out of the same building at 2/54 Keane street.  Townsville trailers retails trailer parts and trailers as a reseller for Just Trailers,  Townsville trailers also offers repair and maintenance services, from trailer plug repairs to full blown restoration of your tired but trusty old trailer.  Working with Just Trailers allows us to have trailers custom built to suit your needs to give you a no compromise solution.  


McGrath Automotive

McGrath Automotive  have been working hard in the back ground and a recent trip to Brisbane has netted us some new working relationships and we are now able to offer the full range of exhausts from Scotts Rods,   DP Chips and Donaldson heavy duty 4×4 filter kits.  All of these are available as fully fitted or supply only for those of you who love some mechanical DIY.    As an introductory offer, and Exhaust system or DP Chip purchase will come with a free Donaldson filter kit where a compatible kit is available.

I (Brad) have been (still am) working on the website getting pages up for the new products with prices and will be spending some time updating the rest of the site. Feel free to let me know what you like to see on our site and on our facebook page by emailing me at feedback@mcgrathauto.com.au

Lastly I want to thank all of our customers for sticking with us and the awesome word of mouth advertising you all provide for us.  Some of you are recent additions some of you have been with us since the very beginning (pushing 5 years now).   We truly appreciate every single one of you, with out you we don’t have a business.



Scott's rods



donaldson 4x4 filter kits

Donaldson 4×4 Filter Kits

dp chip diesel chip