Car Servicing

Car Servicing


Regular car servicing keeps your car in top working order and allows you to stay informed about any repairs that may be needed.
A properly serviced and maintained vehicle will be efficient, safe and have lower ongoing costs.

At McGrath Automotive we don’t rely on gimmicks like 50 or 100 point safety checks, we carry out a full inspection of your car at every service.  We check it all.

  • Complete drive train from engine to axles
  • Brakes
  • SteeringCar servicing
  • Suspension
  • Tyres (including your spare)
  • Fuel System
  • Filters
  • Fluid and oils
  • Driver controls
  • Glass
  • Doors/locks

There is no need to break it down into an “impressive list” 100 items long just to look like we do more.  We just do the job properly, inspecting all vehicle systems and carry out any adjustment, lubrication and replacements that are needed, and report our findings back to you.
We take the time to explain our findings in a way that you can understand so that you leave us informed and confident that your car is safe and well maintained.


Basic Car servicing


Our basic car service uses quality mineral oil and oil filter, and covers all of the basic needs of your car, including a full mechanical and safety inspection with a full report.
This service is not suitable for some later model cars or any car that is still under New Car Warranty.
4 cylinder cars – $160
6/8 cylinder cars – $185


Standard Car Servicing


Our standard car service uses semi or full synthetic oil (application specific) and covers all of the basic needs of your car, including a full mechanical and safety inspection with a full report. In our standard car service we also carry out some extra preventative maintenance items such as cleaning your engines Air Flow Sensor, throttle body and idle air passage.  Remove and inspect spark plugs (when accessible).
Your hand brake, drum brakes (if fitted) and steering box (where applicable) are adjusted. 
(Suitable for New cars under warranty that require a minor Log Book service).
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Major Car Servicing

Major car servicing at McGrath Automotive is based on the needs of your car, we don’t have a fixed price. Instead we prefer to  carry out an inspection and discuss the findings with you, we then listen to your needs and wants and together we determine the best servicing plan.        
Prices vary based on Make, Model and Condition


Manufacturer’s Log book car Servicing


We can carry out all Log book car servicing.  All log book services are carried out in accordance with manufacturer specifications.
Prices vary based on Make, Model and Age.

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