Auto Transmission Service

Automatic Transmission Service



Automatic transmission service


Automatic Transmission Service

Servicing your cars Automatic Transmission will maximize the life of your transmission and ensure efficient operation saving you money.
Lazy shifting, harsh shifting or thumping into gear, prolonged shift time after selecting a gear such as Drive or Reveres are all signs that your transmission if over due for servicing.
We all know how important it is to service and change the oil in our engines, many of us don’t think of the transmission as something that needs servicing.

A common shift among car manufacturers is towards detailed service procedures that require the use of specialist computer equipment to monitor oil temps and pressures in order to correctly fill your transmission with oil. The risks of not following the correct procedure and filling the wrong level can range for from poor shifting to costly mechanical damage. McGrath Automotive has up to date computer diagnostic equipment so that we can service your transmission to highest standard.


Automatic Transmission Service Filters and Oils

We use quality Valvoline transmission fluids that have been tested and approved by the manufacturers of the transmissions. The correct fluid is critical to the efficient operation of your transmission.
Our Auto Transmission Service kits, come from Cooper Filters backed by a Nationwide Warranty and are suitable for use on New vehicles under factory warranty as well as used vehicles.

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