Vehicle Repairs

    • Brakes & Clutch

      With brands such as QMF, DBA, PBR, RDA and Bendix, we can tailor a brake solution to suit your vehicle and driving condition, from stop-start city driving to Off-road 4×4 to your track day special. Coupled with in house Disc machining we can guarantee consistent quality each and every time.

      With Clutches from leading manufacturers, We can select and install the right clutch to ensure long and trouble free operation..

    • Safety inspection

      McGrath Automotive is an Approved Inspection station and a Licensed LPG installer. We can provide you with a one stop shop with everything you need – Safety Certificates, LPG Certificates and any repairs you may need to keep your vehicle in top condition.

    • Log book Servicing of new cars

      According to the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) the only restrictions that car dealers can legally put on your new car warranty is that your service must be carried out by qualified staff, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and using genuine or appropriate quality parts where required.

    • Suspension and steering

      Expert service, advice, repair and install of suspension products including power steering, steering rack, struts, shock absorbers, 4×4 replacement and lifted suspension , Small Medium and large cars, standard replacement, Heavy Duty and Sports suspension.


    • Manufacturer’s Specifications

      servicing must be carried out in accordance with the specifications in the manufacturers handbook.

      Qualified Staff

      A party or parties, other than an ‘authorised dealer’ who is capable of performing car servicing.

      Genuine or Appropriate Quality Parts

      The most important point here is that if a part is non-genuine (ie. not supplied by the car manufacturer), but is interchangable with a genuine part, it can be seen as appropriate for the purpose and would therefore not void the manufactures warranty.

      Dealers are not allowed to impose any other conditions apart from the three listed above and provided these conditions are met, the new car warranty should remain valid.

      So next time you need your new car serviced, you now know that you have the option of taking your car to your preferred mechanic, McGrath Automotive.


    • EFI Diagnostics and repair

      We endeavor to keep our skills and equipment up to date in order to provide you with the best service possible. We also document our process tests and results so that we can provide with as much information as we can to help you understand the problem your vehicle has.