No More Ironman 4×4

News of the month is we are no longer selling any Ironman 4×4 products.



There are a number of factors in this decision, the biggest being a change to our buying price making it unprofitable for us to continue selling any Ironman 4×4 products.   It is very disappointing that after so many years we would have the rug pulled from under us with no warning and no consultation.  We still don’t know the reason why and don’t expect to ever find out.

What about your warranty?  – We will continue warranty support for as long as needed for products that we have sold.   Warranty was one factor in our decision to drop Ironman 4×4.  With one warranty claim taking almost 12 months to resolve and the replacement part being faulty straight out of the wrapping.

If you specifically want the Ironman 4×4 brand, please see their website to find a local supplier/installer.

For us, it is already on to bigger and better things.