Fuel Manager Filters

Fuel Manager Filters


Fuel Manager is a popular choice for diesel 4×4 owners looking for improved filtering and water separation.
The drawback though is the cost of the small filters used in the kits.   McGrath Automotive has a solution make the change to a Donaldson replacement for your Fuel Manager filter.  The Donaldson replacement will fit your existing filter head, as a bonus you’ll pay just $40.55 for a filter that is twice the size the typical Fuel Manager filter.  The will increase the flow but more importantly more than double the life of the filter,  Who wouldn’t like to halve their costs?


Fuel manager 30 micron pre filter

fuel manager filters

Donaldson replacements for Fuel manager filters

Your 88mm long 30 micron filter is replaced by Donaldsons P551426 135mm long 15 micron filter.



Fuel Manager 2 and 5 micron final filter

Your 71mm long 2 micron and 88mm long 5 micron filters are replaced by Donaldsons P551421 154mm long 3 micron filter


Donaldson filter kits

For those who are looking to install a pre or final filter, McGrath Automotive stocks Donaldson kits in 3 and 11 micron.