Donaldson Filter Kits

Donaldson filter kits

Donaldson filter kits

Donaldson Filter Kits

Donaldson filter kits contain the necessary air, oil and fuel filters for most popular heavy-duty diesel 4WDs in Australia. The filters in Donaldson filter kits are the Donaldson equivalents to the original filters at the time the vehicle was manufactured.

Donaldson Air filters

Donaldson high quality air filters have been designed specifically for diesel engines and are built to withstand harsh environments whilst still protecting your valuable investment.

Donaldson Fuel Filters

Today’s engines are built to more stringent specifications and finer tolerances. Fuel systems, pumps and injectors require cleaner fuel to achieve better combustion and lower emissions. That’s why the latest advances in filter media can make the difference between engine power and engine problems. Our fuel filters provide clean, filtered fuel which ultimately helps prevent pump wear, injector clogging, premature engine wear and can boost fuel efficiency.

Donaldson Oil Filters

Today’s oil is tasked with handling more contamination for extended periods of time. A well designed lube filtration system engineered with overall engine strategy in mind to provide maximum protection. The benefits of this upfront design strategy have resulted in enhanced filtration media and inclusion of traditionally separate components into a streamlined system. Donaldson strives to offer design flexibility to meet these field application needs through longer life filter media, extended oil drain products and traditional product offerings.

High Efficiency Secondary Diesel Filters

Diesel fuel and diesel fuel systems are ever-changing technologies, over the past decade, numerous emission standards and engineering achievements have come together to provide some of the most advanced diesel engine designs. The changes include stringent specifications, finer tolerances and the acceptance of alternative forms of fuels such as biodiesels. Fuel filter performance and technology have also been challenged by these rapid advancements, Donaldson engineers have proven to be up to this challenge through continual research and development and the advancement of media technologies.

Donaldson fuel filters provide clean, filtered fuel which ultimately helps prevent pump wear, injector clogging, premature engine wear and can boost fuel efficiency. Donaldson manufactures a comprehensive range of spin-on, cartridge and fuel/water separator filters for diesel engines.

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A word from Donaldson

The Leader in Filtration

Donaldson is a global corporation that pioneers some of the world’s leading filtration technologies used in countless industries around the world. Following three goals – improving people’s lives, enhancing equipment performance, and protecting the environment – we have achieved enviable success. Our filtration products can be found on everything from heavy-duty trucks and military aircraft to MP3 players and laptop computers.

Whereas most 4WD filter brands have been developed by automotive filter specialists, Donaldson is an industry leader in heavy duty filtration for off-road diesel engines and is a trusted supplier to some of the most prominent Original Equipment Manufacturers in the world. This expertise has been applied to the development of the Donaldson range of 4WD filters. Therefore, you can have peace of mind that Donaldson delivers a range of 4WD filters that provide premium quality, durability, and the highest levels of engine protection for your vehicle.

Donaldson filter kits

Donaldson filter kits