Car and 4×4 Batteries

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Car and 4×4 Batteries



 At McGrath Automotive we stock a range of car and 4×4 batteries. The difference with us is that we are not a battery store relying on selling you a battery, we are a workshop that is here to help you find the correct solution to your problem.  It may not be your battery that is the problem, you may have a starter motor, alternator or wiring problem that is making your car hard to start or causing undercharging of your otherwise good battery.
As part of our service, we will TEST your starting and charging system, that includes the wiring, the starter, the alternator and your current battery.
Only after that will we discuss the appropriate repair option.  

SuperCharge‘s Gold product range is the most long-lasting and durable on the market. Whether you are looking for a standard car battery or a specialised deep cycle battery, you can’t go wrong with SuperCharge warranty-backed products.

  • A generous warranty
  • Full compatibility with leading automotive and boat models
  • Superior grid strength against overcharging and corrosion
  • The technology is ISO 9002 and TUV certified

Gold – These are maintenance-free, fully-sealed, top-of-the-line products with superior starting power. Our gold units come with a 36-month warranty and are ideal for heavy duty vehicle use. Many consumers prefer Gold units as their four wheel drive auto battery of choice.

Silver – These units are also fully-sealed and maintenance free. Ideal for normal use, they have an amazing reserve capacity. All silver batteries come with a 24-month warranty.


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Car batteries Townsville

supercharge batteries townville