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  • No More Ironman 4×4

    News of the month is we are no longer selling any Ironman 4×4 products.     There are a number of factors in this decision, the biggest being a change to our buying price making it unprofitable for us to continue selling any Ironman 4×4 products.   It is very disappointing that after so many years […]

  • Loyalty program

    McGrath Automotive Loyalty Program     Yesterday we announced a $25 BP fuel card offer for new customers,   We have a bigger and better off for our existing customers. We are about to begin mailing out our loyalty cards.  Every card being mailed out will have the first purchase already marked.When you make your third purchase, […]

  • BP Fuel Card Offer

    BP fuel card offer for all new customers   Starting on Tuesday 20/2/2018,  all new customers will receive a $25 BP gift card, the cards can be used for any purchase at any participating BP outlet.This offer will continue until we run out of cards. All you need to call us or use our booking page, […]

  • New Equipment for 2018

    New Equipment for 2018   As part of our quest for constant improvement of the services we offer, for 2018 we have invested in new 4.5 tonne hoist, Tyre changer and Wheel aligner. Part of our decision was based around quality control part of it was efficiency and part of it was financial. The two […]

  • 4×4 Suspension upgrades

    We have said many times before that we love 4x4s.  We’ve been supplying and installing Ironman 4×4 suspension kits for a number of years now.We’ve done Patrols, Land Cruisers, Rangers and BT-50s,  Hilux’s, Colorados and D-Max’s, Prados, Pajeros, Tritons. We’ve even strapped kits down to a pallet and sent them to customers in the Cairns […]

  • Diesel filtration misinformation

    Diesel filtration misinformation   It has become obvious through our searches for improved products and services that there is much misinformation being spread about diesel filtration.  What worse is, it’s coming from places and people who really should know better.   Proper filtration of diesel fuel is the key to long service live of diesel […]


    FREE VEHICLE INSPECTIONS       After the success of the free inspections weekend early in the year we are doing it again to help keep you safe on the roads this Christmas. Just like last time, there is no need to book, just drop in to the workshop between 8am and 1pm Monday to […]

  • What’s new at McGrath Automotive?

    What’s new at McGrath Automotive?   Time for some updates on the workshop and there are some big things going on so please read on. Clockwork Mechanical? Firstly we would like to welcome Brad Hallett to the building.   Brad is leasing about 90 square meters of our floor space and has just launched “Clockwork Mechanical”  […]

  • How the automotive repair industry is different to most others and why you should be fighting along side us to protect it.

    How the automotive repair industry is different to most others and why you should be fighting along side us to protect it. The auto repair industry is a strange anomaly, Were independent repairers vastly out number the manufacturer approved dealer network and a massive non-genuine parts industry exists (a large number of these parts manufacturers […]

  • 2014 Holden Colorado7, Charging system.

    2014 Holden Colorado7, Charging system. Gone are the days of an alternator putting out a regulated voltage that can be easily tested. The charging system in the current Colorado7 and many other cars is now controlled by the computer network in the vehicle. In this case both Engine Control Module (ECM) and the Body Control […]