4×4 Servicing

4×4 Servicing

Regular servicing keeps your 4×4 ready to take on the toughest tracks and the urban jungle.
A properly serviced and maintained 4×4 will be safe and reliable so that you can trust that it will get you to the middle of nowhere AND back again.

At McGrath Automotive we live 4x4s and camping, we understand the demands placed on a 4×4 that lives its life in the bush.

All 4x4s are serviced with pride, care and attention to detail that we would have working on our own vehicles.

4x4 Servicing

4×4 Servicing

After we discus your driving habits and needs, your 4×4 is test driven then placed on one of our 4.5T hoists.
Your wheels are removed to allow us to properly inspect the condition of your brakes, steering and suspension.
At the same time we are also checking for any hidden damage or wear and tear such as cracked spring seats and chassis section, damage to brake lines, suspension and steering mounting points. All grease-able points are first cleaned of dirt and greased using quality Fuchs grease. All gear and diff oils are checked for level and condition, water ingress is a common problem with 4x4s and it affects wheel bearings, diffs, Drive shaft Uni joints, gear and transfer box, all of these are checked as part of every 4×4 service.
Your engine oil and filter are replaced with quality Fuchs oil and Donaldson or Fleetguard filters.
Where Donaldson or Fleetguard are not available Cooper filters will be used.

Attention is paid the the type of oil your 4×4 needs, oils are no longer ‘just oils’. With exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) becoming common place in late model 4x4s it is very important that the correct EGR and DPF compatible oils are used.
Use of incorrect oils can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.



Major 4×4 service. 


4×4 servicing

Major 4×4 servicing at McGrath Automotive is based on the needs of your 4×4, we don’t have a fixed price. Instead we prefer to  carry out an inspection and discuss the finding with you.  In order to be thorough a major service will include Air and Diesel filters.  We cut open your old diesel filter to inspect the kind of dirt and debris it has filtered, this gives us an indication of the quality of fuel and cleanliness of your fuel tank and lines  (We may recommend adding a secondary diesel filter/water trap) .  All grease points are greased, diff and gear oils are inspected and replaced as needed. Brake and clutch again are inspected and replaced if needed.  All steering, suspension and wheel bearing are checked and adjusted if needed.  Your vehicles battery, charging and starting systems are checked/tested and a report given.

Standard 4×4 service

Our Standard 4×4 service covers all of the basic needs of your 4×4, including a full mechanical and safety inspection with a full report.  (suitable for New 4x4s under warranty that require a basic Log Book service.)

Manufacturer’s Log book 4×4 Servicing

We can carry out all Log book 4×4 servicing.
Call today for a free Quote on any Log Book 4×4 service


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